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Template:Expand Spanish Template:Unreferenced Aurelius (Template:Lang-es) (c. 740 – 774) was the King of Asturias from 768 to his death.

Born in León, he was the son of Fruela (son of Peter of Cantabria) and nephew of Alfonso I of Asturias. He was thus a cousin of his predecessor Fruela the Cruel. He was raised to the throne after Fruela assassinated his brother and was in turn assassinated.

His seems to have been a relatively quiet and peaceful reign. His reign did see a rebellion of serfs, which Aurelius put down. The location of the uprising is unknown, but it is the first recorded instance of anti-seignorial revolt in Spanish history.

Aurelius died of natural causes in his capital of Langreo. He was buried in the Church of Saint Martin in San Martín del Rey Aurelio. He had no heirs and was succeeded by his cousin-in-law, Silo, husband of his Alfonso I's daughter Adosinda.



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